February 5, 2011

Saturday, 05 February 2011 11:49 Wayne Gustaveson

wgmarkThe frigid cold weather has passed.  Lake Powell is back at normal winter air temperature which means that on a calm day with the boat next to a south facing (solar heat gathering) rock, it is very pleasant. No gloves are needed - just a coat and a cooler to hold fish.

Bottom fishing remains good to excellent for hungry adult striped bass.  They are holding near 60 feet in the back of most  canyons.  There will be some migrational movement in late February or early March but for the next 3 weeks these fish will stay where they are and bite when found.

Use the graph to locate the school. Chum early and often to activate the school and keep them going. Use a jig head with a short shank to get the 1 inch chunk of bait down quickly to the bottom. When the school rises off the bottom following a hooked school mate, a slow sinking carolina rigged bait is better.


When a fish bites a jig head set the hook quickly with quick straight up  wrist action.  Fish that hit a circle hook on  a carolina rig should be set with a long sweep of the rod tip or by reeling quickly instead of jerking.  Try the two hook set methods and test the difference in number of fish caught opposed to bites when the set is performed correctly.

The other vulnerable fish are juvenile striped bass that are prowling the mid depth waters eating plankton. Large schools are moving around. They can be seen on the graph and then they are gone.  React quickly to get a spoon into the school. Play the fish for a time to bring the whole school under the boat. Hook 2 or 3 more and the school will begin to follow the boat.  Catching is quick with school fish looking for the jig his partner just ate. But use caution. Starting the big motor or any other abnormal vibration or movement can scatter the school and spell an end to catching. Just let the boat drift when a school of juveniles can be seen on the graph. The very best fishing happens when the juvenile school moves under an anchored boat already fishing for adults on the bottom. This results in good catches of large and small stripers.  

Expect to catch 20 fish per trip when a school is found on the bottom or 50 fish if the youngsters move under the boat.

Largemouth bass are biting in the shallow brush on warm afternoons. Use bulky jig and pig or hula grubs to work very slowly through the brush.

I expect fishing to contiue to be good right into warm spring weather.


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