April 24, 2019 - Fishing is Excellent

Wednesday, 24 April 2019 09:27 Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Powell Fish Report – April 24, 2019
Lake Elevation: 3569
Water temperature: 57-64 F
By: Wayne Gustaveson http://www.wayneswords.com or Wayneswords.net

Lake Powell is on the move.  The inflowing water (31,000 AF) now exceeds the outflow (24,000 AF) enough to allow the lake to rise (3569 MSL).   More importantly, the afternoon lake water temperature is rising into the 60s, which is the spawning trigger for largemouth and smallmouth bass.  Bass nest building has begun and spawning is imminent.

Our weekly trip took us through the Maytag straits, which is not bad in the early morning but slow and bumpy on the return. Our first stop was the east wall in Padre Canyon. My favorite striper spot is now a rocky peninsula, well out of the water, so we moved on to Buoy 25 Cove.  We saw stripers in high numbers all over the cove.  However, they wanted bait and I did not bring any.  This led to my first discovery.  I changed from trolling to casting in the back of the canyon.  A green plastic Creature Bait on a 3/16 ounce leadhead jig was immediately inhaled, by a fat, 2-pound smallmouth bass.  Each cast produced another smallmouth until the stripers moved in and started grabbing the bait before a bass could hit it. We caught 10 bass and 10 stripers in the cove on plastic baits.

This discovery is very logical because most predator fish in Lake Powell prefer to eat shad.  If shad are not available then the second most consumed bait species is crayfish. These bottom dwelling creatures are greenish brown in color.  A wide variety of plastic baits that resemble crayfish, fished on the rocky bottom at 10-25 feet are the most effective lures in these conditions.

As we fished other locations we found that virtually all the rocky coves with submerged rocky structure from 10-30 feet were hotspots for smallmouth bass, The many sandy coves and peninsulas were not prime fishing spots as bass were near rocky coves and structures where crayfish were found.  We saw a few spawning beds but it seems the main bass spawning event still appears to be a week out. These great bass-catching conditions will hold on for another week. Smallmouth bass are waiting for you in all canyons with narrow coves and rocky habitat over the length of the lake.

We traveled to Last Chance and began trolling again to locate fat, healthy stripers. Small fat stripers (plankton eaters) were bunched up in one of the side canyons. Each trolling pass produced another striper. The best lures were 4 inch, LC Bevy Shad, Pointers, and small rattletraps.  When a school was located, striper fishing was great.  There were other spots where no fish were found.   Move quickly between spots in the backs of canyons (Lakewide) to find willing school fish.

Bait fishing for stripers is still producing amazing numbers of fish per trip.  Good striper spots include the Dam, Buoy 3, Navajo Canyon (2 points just past the double islands, and the back of the canyon), Buoy 25, Grotto Canyon, Lake Canyon mouth, and Moki Wall.

There are hundreds of spots to catch stripers on bait.  Select a spot, chum with anchovies or striper meat, cast out 50 feet from the boat and let the bait descend.  Give the bait a soft jerk periodically to attract the attention of schooling stripers that are waiting for the bait to arrive.

Lake Powell fishing is amazing right now for bass, stripers, walleye, catfish and an occasional crappie. Expect great fishing conditions to continue during the remainder of April and through the month of May.

It is time to go fishing!





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