January 18, 2011 - Fish Report

Tuesday, 18 January 2011 08:05 Wayne Gustaveson

jason with winter largemouth bassStriper fishing success has changed dramatically since our last report. Fish holding at 60 feet impatiently waiting for the next boat of anglers to arrive have now moved into shallower water.  That would usually make them easier to find but in this case they have moved into very shallow water not normally inhabited in the winter. 

Look for striped bass at the extreme shallow end of brushy canyons and coves where sunfish and crayfish may be found hiding in the trees.  Shad are now in very short supply or at least separated from striped bass schools. In the absence of shad, stripers are searching for any food available. They have gone shallow in that quest instead of into deeper water.

The next migrational move will be toward the deep main channel. But for this week look in the backs of canyons for slowly moving 2-3 pound adult stripers.

The bonus feature of this move is that largemouth bass are holding in the same locations. Use jerk baits like a Pointer or X-rap. Toss it near shore where submerged tree branches can be seen sticking out of the water. Make sure to use a pause and go retrieve in the cold water. That gives cold fish a chance to make a decision to bite while the bait is suspended motionless near them.

Expect another change in pattern as the full moon wanes.  Hopefully stripers will return to the 60 foot winter holding spots where they are easy to locate and catch. 

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