September 7, 2016 - Next week will be great

Wednesday, 07 September 2016 13:09 Wayne Gustaveson

rbdspinnerLake Powell Fish Report – September 7, 2016

Lake Elevation: 3612.95

Water Temperature: 75 – 78 F

By: Wayne Gustaveson


The last fish report was “the best of the year”. Yesterday we paid the price for the perfect timing last week and had a non productive trip. Surface feeding fish are so much fun that I just kept looking for boils and did not find any.   After two hours of searching without finding we tried trolling, spooning and casting without much luck.   I should have been trolling and spooning early in the day but spent the time cruising for boils.  I will chalk this one up as fish celebrating the Labor Day weekend and ignoring anglers.  Usually when I have a great trip fishing success cools off.  When I have a mediocre trip catching quickly improves.

My prediction for the rest of the week is that striper fishing will be consistent with the best techniques being spooning, down rigger trolling and an occasional boil. While graphing yesterday we determined that the holding depth for most fish right now is 45 feet.  If the down rigger is set for that depth where fish traces are seen (30-45 feet) catching will be quick. Stripers have recently seen edible shad and are searching for more.  Spoons are shad imitating lures. When dropped into a searching school, spoons will be quickly attacked.

Bait fishing suffers when shad are available.  If shad are soon found again, bait fishing success will be poor.  If stripers go for another week without finding a shad food source then bait fishing will pick up once more.  Stripers in the southern lake are searching and moving.  They will settle into a new pattern by the next report.

My website is currently off line due to a hacking incident so I do not have current reports on uplake fishing success.  I suspect striper fishing continues to be good morning and evening on surface lures, spoons and down rigger trolling.

I did find one highlight on my scouting trip. Each time we went to the back of a canyon where brushy habitat was still submersed, active large and smallmouth bass were hitting top water and plastic baits.  For most of the summer, larger bass have been hanging out in deep water where temperature was more comfortable.  Now, with temperatures in the mid 70s, bass have come shallow once more. Largemouth bass and crappie need brush to feel comfortable.  They will stay in brush zones as long as the water is deep enough.  Smallmouth bass like shad which are hiding in the shallow brush.  All shorebound fish are focused on brushy pockets.  Locate wet brush to find bass, bluegill and walleye.

Channel catfishing is very dependable now. Use table scraps, hot dogs or anchovies on the sandy beach where houseboats park to have an exciting evening of catfishing.

Wayneswords will be back on line soon so send those holiday weekend reports as soon as possible to provide fishing insight to those that are planning September trips to the lake.