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Have you made a recent fishing trip to Lake Powell? If you have, please let us know how you did.  Post your fishing report on the Fishing Message Board or send it to Wayne Gustaveson ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) via E-mail.  Please include who you are and where you are from, dates fished, location, tackle used, species and number of fish caught and any other information you would like to pass on to other anglers.

Our goal here is to save shad by encouraging harvest of striped bass.  If we do that then all fisheries benefit from the effort.

Keep the reports coming.  I send out high resolution pictures to the media with my weekly fish reports.  If you have a good photo and would like it to be displayed in newspapers and magazines then send it to me.   Be aware that your photo may be used in other locations.

If possible send, first and last name, and hometown. The media likes pictures of kids (include age) and fishergirls. Be creative when taking photos. Change poses and backgrounds. Use the flash in full sun to avoid hat shadow.

Thanks to all who have contributed because it makes it easier for a newly arriving angler to start fishing with confidence needed to catch fish on this huge lake.

If you have a general question try posting on WAYNESWORDS FISHING MESSSAGE BOARD.

April 15, 2014 - Walleye at the Horn

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Arrived Thursday night to a calm and warm lake water temp 63. Set camp and prepared for morning. Friday started fishing around 8 am trolled around the horn plenty of healthy stripers lurking around caught 4 on the first pass trolling shad raps at 15 ft on downriggers and on flat lines 150 ft back. Went to striper city to see what it looked like gone, the lake ends there we found the river flowing strong against the south shore. Decided to troll anyways nothing, tried bottom bouncers for walleyes nothing. We headed back towards the horn around noon. Decided to try bottom bouncers on the horn good call we caught 25 walleyes in no time. We fished orange with gold Colorado blade and white and chartreuse with chartreuse blade.


Wind was calm so it was easy to control boat. Most fish were in 6-20 ft of water. We were directly on the horn you can see the rock is different there it is old riverbottom exposed and was holding good walleye. Saturday wind was up so we decided to stay by camp. We camped by blue notch. In the back of our bay there was a small island so we decided to bottom bounce it. We picked up another 12 walleyes in a couple of hours. Wind was tough on this day so boat control was made more difficult. Wind died a little in afternoon so we headed back to the horn tough to stay on them but lots of walleyes to be caught picked up another dozen or so with an occasional striper.


Going to the bottom bouncers and crawlers almost eliminated stripers from our catch which was nice. Sunday was windy and cold with rain and hail but it did not affect our fish we fished the same 2 areas with the same results. We tried to keep our speed between .7 and 1 mph which was not always easy. When wind was to great we trolled and caught plenty of stripers and a few walleyes we trolled SR9 shad raps in black and white at 1.5 to 2.5 and couldn't keep the stripers off our line. Our main trolling line was on the horn north side from the horn buoy towards 4 mile, the closer to the wall the better. Overall more than 50 walleyes hit the fillet board and maybe a dozen stripers I usually don't fillet stripers if there are walleye to fillet.


Thanks to everyone who posted leading up to our trip it helped us to decide where and what to do. Hope this helps tight lines to all.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 April 2014 08:31

April 14, 2014 - San Juan

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hubbs1Fished Thursday-Monday from Bullfrog to San Juan and back. We hit the water at about 1600 on the 10th. Headed stratght for the stripers in lake canyon. Got there and sure enough they were surfacing for small shad right at the end of the canyon in the warmer murky water. These were not organized boils that we could cast to, but we threw rattle traps and helsinki rapalas with much success. We ended up with around 40 in just over 2 hours.



























hubbs2Decided to try Iceberg canyon and arrived there to much colder water. Fished for crappie, large mouth, and small mouths for the rest of the evening with little success. Probably less than 10 fish until dark. Ate dinner and then started anchovie chum for about an hour and a half with over 30 more stripers in the boat.

















hubbs3The next morning we continued for the San Juan arm. Fished our way there with little success until we hit the colored water and the water temperature jumped from 55-57 to 60-62. We instantly began to catch all species on almost every good cast to structure. The crappie were everywhere. They were large and healthy. We stayed there with great success with over 100 fish on Friday, and almost 200 on Saturday until the W___ began to blow. The fishing turned cold almost instantly. We continued to fight it until about noon on Sunday.

























hubbs4Then ran to Rainbow Bridge for a short hike. Returned and had one of the roughest rides fighting the wind all the way back to Lake Canyon on Sunday evening. Found a small sheltered place for a tent and then went to try to catch stripers on chovies again. No luck. Woke up this morning and dropped chovies for an hour and a half with another 30 stripers boated. Trolled up a few and then had to call it quits. We were very glad that we had the good days at the start of the trip. Proves in my mind again that weather is the key to success over the full moon which we had the entire trip.




Thanks to Stan, Eli and Jeremy for putting up with a stinky old fisherman like myself.

Last Updated on Monday, 14 April 2014 18:40

April 12, 2014 - Padre Bay Stripers

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We continue to have good luck catching fat male stripers scattered in the backs of canyons in murky water. Trolling works best to locate fish but we do a fair amount of blind casting when a good fish location is identified.  Best time is afternoon at the highest water temperature of the day.


The best lures are shad raps, pointers, x-raps and the new Yamamoto jerk bait (pictured).  This new bait only runs about 2 feet deep but it caught the biggest fish of the 25 we caught on Saturday in 2 hours.  Lures with a white background and chartreuse colors seem to produce more than any other colors.  I think they resemble gizzard shad.

                                                                                                                                      Lures (Top to bottom)

                                                                                                                                      Yamamoto Tenkuu Jerkbait (Sexy Shad)

                                                                                                                                       Rapala X-Rap

                                                                                                                                       Norman Little N Suspend (Lavender Shad)

                                                                                                                                       Rapala Shad Rap 7 (Helsinki Shad)



Last Updated on Monday, 14 April 2014 10:28

April 12, 2014 - Rincon to Cedar

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Scouting Report


4/8 – 4/10


bm413Water Temp 54-68


I pounded bank from Rincon to Cedar and most places in between and found fish were scattered everywhere. I saw a number of cruising stripers shallow, mostly singles. Small schools of stripers where in deeper cuts off of the main lake and were easy pickins with a rattle trap and a jerk bait. I even had a striper chase a tube up to the boat and eat it. Stripers were mostly skinny to transparent.










bm413dThe only Walleye I caught I saw on top of a rock in about 10’ of water. I dropped a tube passed him and he almost ate it until I pulled it out of his mouth. I dropped the tube back behind him off a ledge into 50’ of water and he came back up after it only to see the boat and descend into the dark but on the third drop of the tube I finally had him and he would have been a nice one if not for being on weight watchers.











bm413cHow hungry were the fish? I was burning a trap in shallow bays and cuts when I got hammered. Oh boy the big smallie or LM nailed my trap. After a fun fight I landed this toad bugle mouth that actually ate my trap.


SM were little but fat and the LM were cruising everywhere. I only needed a crappie to put a slam together but lost it when I went to swing it in the boat. I found stripers, SM and LM together when I saw swarming gizzard shad.


There are some really bad humps and reefs in Halls Creek and the water is pretty dirty to see them. There is also a really bad hump about 2/3rds the way back in Hanson.






bm413bI pretty much rotated a rattle trap, a jerk bait and a T-rigged tube and caught fish throughout the day. It looks to me like it is going to be a good year of catching.


Brian Myers


April 10, 2014 - Striper spots

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jdubtoddOver the past few days reports of striper fishing in the southern lake are rolling in.


The Dam is the closest spot to Wahweap, which is the only launch area open. Fishing is better mid day. Stripers are caught on both east and west sides of the forebay.  Some troll the east wall and catch healthy plankton-eating stripers.  Others wait for schools to come feed on bait.  Catching is sporadic but very exciting when the school comes in range. Anglers have been catching school fish on the east side right at the barricade.  West side anglers are doing better about 100 yards from the barricade and further out where a drop off from 30-60 feet is found.


Reports are now coming from Navajo Canyon about half way up the canyon.  I suggest trying the historical spots like the points beyond the first set of double islands and the east wall a mile up from the Big Sand Dune.  Trolling is producing stripers in the last bay before the canyon goes dry.


Stripers are still congregated on the rock wall south of Green Buoy 25 where so many stripers were caught last year. There is a huge school of yearlings in the cove east of the red rock wall.  These fish hit quick then run away, but they have been found in the same spot the last 3 times we have looked.


Labyrinth Wall near Buoy 18 (white wall on the east entrance to Labyrinth Canyon) has a congregation of stripers that like to eat bait  on the corner just south of the wall where the canyon narrows.


There are a lot of stripers roaming right now that are easy to catch.  Most are healthy but there a few thin ones left from last year.  You should be able to find a willing school if willing to try 2 or 3 different spots.


April 7, 2014 - GHB Walleye

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Fished from Bullfrog north to as far as 2 mile Canyon last Thursday and Friday. The best areas for us were from the Horn to Good Hope bay. We tried to find Crappie for the first part of Thursday, we were only able to catch 4 of them. We then switched and tried for Walleye. We ended up catching 10 walleye, 5 SMB and 4 incidental Stripers on Thursday. On Friday we ended up catching 14 more walleyes, 4 more Crappie, 6 SMB. 1 LMB and 1 huge, foul hooked Gizzard shad. The best action for walleye for us was off of points by notches off the main channel.

We had the best luck with Pumpkin Tubes or grubs on a 1/4oz head tipped with a piece of night crawler. We found the best depth we were catching them to be between 12 and 20 feet. The smallmouth were in the same areas, they seem to be just moving up. A few more degrees of warming and it should really turn on. We found the water temps ranged from about 54 to as warm as 58 by late afternoon in off color bays off the main channel. We did catch a few of each species on deep diving crank baits. The best fishing action for us was later in the day from about 1 PM to about 6pm.

A note for Wordlings and others who may be headed down. The TICABOO RESORT 435 788 2110, is under new management and ownership. They are very nice people, The hotel is being remodeled it is open and with very affordable rates. The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch with a limited menu, the food is good and the prices are very reasonable. The Gas pumps are open with CC, they said they are planning to open the store at the gas station in the future. I hope they get lots of support, it is nice to have options it is a good place to base a Lake Powell trip from.

***STRIPERS down lake, I talked to a guy at the cleaning station on Thursday evening. He said they went down lake to the Rincon area and told us they found Stripers in the back of several canyons as shallow as 5 feet of water and they caught a lot of them on shad colored swim baits. They had a pretty good pile of fillets and I think he was telling it straight. He mentioned that where they could find some water coming in in the backs of canyons they would find shad and Stripers. Don't hold me to it, I think he mentioned Lake and Iceberg were a couple spots they had success. I think for those looking for Stripers it would be worth checking out.


April 6, 2014 - Lake Canyon Stripers

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We spent a few mornings in Lake Canyon this past week. Didn't see any boils, but you there are a ton of stripers right in the back of the canyon -- even in about a foot of water right where the creek comes in. We were able to catch them (even one really nice walleye, a big fat crappie and a small large mouth) on tube jigs and crankbaits, but things got really fun when my 3 and 5 yr olds started reeling them in one after another on anchovies. Probably caught 20 in less than an hour -- it was all their Grandpa and I could do just to keep the hooks baited and the lines in the water. Could have caught a pile more, but it was past nap time.

March 31, 2014 - Good Hope Bay Stripers

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loubrown2Hi Wayne, just a quick report on our trip this weekend (March 28-29) Launched from Bullfrog and headed to GHB. Camped on the south end of the bay. Arrived about 10;30 and unloaded camp and started fishing. Picked up a few walleye along the shore using jigs and bottom bouncers. Kinda slow fishing so we decided to head north towards Red Canyon.





loubrown1smWhen we arrived we noticed a couple of boats trolling near the mouth of the canyon and headed that way to see what was happening. Graph showed lots of fish so we joined the fun. Caught lots of small stripers and few larger ones and a couple more walleye.  We were trolling crankbaits and occasionally spooning when the graph showed a big school.





loubrown3Some other boats in the area were trolling with umbrella rigs and sometimes picking up two or three fish at a time. I think they filled all their live wells with the smaller great eating stripers.  Tried to duplicate the success on Saturday but it was much slower than the day before. We caught another 20 or so fish and then fished our way back to Bullfrog. Total for the trip = 3 SMB, 10 Walleye, 70 Stripers.  It was a great trip and weather was great.


March 22, 2014 - Big Striper

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This fish and 8 other normal ones1 ½ to 3 lbs where taking the Fly in 30 ft of water. The big female was loaded with eggs and had a big school of males with her! She laid in the hold for 8 hrs so I added a pound to the weigh in. Spring Has Sprung !


Bill McBurney




Last Updated on Saturday, 22 March 2014 19:01

March 15, 2014 - Stripers in backs of canyons

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We fished March 7,8, and 9 from two mile canyon down to the san juan. Found tons of stripers in the back of several different canyons including seven mile and San Juan, first canyon on the right.


I noticed a pattern , shallow sandy bottoms leading up from at least a 30 ft deep channel. Our group caught stripers one after another. Time of day was not critical, and usually you could see the school in 5-10 ft of water. The average fish was 3 lbs going as high as 6 lbs. All were filled with 3-5 inch gizzard shad. Shad colored cranks worked well however jerk baits were better. I threw 5 different jerk baits and all produced equally well. We could catch fish out of these schools for 45 minutes and then they would slow down. We never tried bait after the boil-like action only because stripers are not our target fish. Hope this helps, its nice to give a little info back since I have gained so much on this forum.



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