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Home Fishing Report January 26, 2011

January 26, 2011

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wgstbWe returned to Warm Creek to check on striper fishing status. I have been almost shutout for the last two weeks. But today was different. We left earlier and got to the back of the canyon, hovered over the 65 foot depth strata and started looking.  My shutouts had been pitched in the 45 foot deep water further back by the mouth of Crosby while 65 foot had been devoid of fish.



But we slowed the boat, started graphing and saw a school immediately. The spoons worked through a huge school without success. Then one fish yawned and got spoon-hooked. It was slow moving and docile so we switched to bait. We chummed and started to catch fish.  Size range was 4 juvenile to 1 adult. The youngsters came shallow and we had our best luck on a weightless circle hook at about 12 feet.

Wayne at work 

After 2 hours the school moved on and we came in.  We left a few thin fish under “Eagle Rock” where the bald eagles perch each winter. At the cleaning station we filleted 29 juveniles and 6 adults.Eagles on Eagle Rock

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