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Fishing Report Information

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Did you know that most reports now are loaded by the individual anglers making the reports. It is no longer necessary to send the report to me by email and then have me load it on this site. The only hard part is that you have to go to Wayneswords.net and click on Anglers Corner.  You are required to sign in with a name and password.  I promise you the process is easy and it only takes 2 minutes.  It saves me a great amount of time and allows you to interact directly with the angler posting the report. 

If you want to ask a question about fishing then do that on the Fishing Bulletin Board. 

Those of you not signed up for WW.net will find it hard to navigate because the posts are not in any order.  Sign up and it becomes very easy to get around because the threads are in order by date and it shows you new post you haven't seen yet.

We had over 5000 members signed up for WW.com but now the only sign up needed is for WW.net and we only have 1600 that have signed in.  Cal (long time user) was the most recent to sign in and he just posted a fish report.  If you want to see Cal's report from uplake, go to WW.net, sign in and start get full use out of the information provided here on both sites combined.



Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 September 2018 13:10