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Home Anglers Corner July 31, 2018 - Bullfrog Slurps

July 31, 2018 - Bullfrog Slurps

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Here’s a quick breakdown of our quick trip. The jigs seemed better than the spoons.

Arrived Thursday night and went straight to Defiance house.  On the water Friday around 6:30 from Bullfrog.  Stayed within a couple hundred yards of the houseboat field fishing small slurps and borderline boils everywhere for a couple hours.  Biting on spooks, jumping minnows on top and Yamamoto jigs after going down.  Had to head back to pick up the rest of the family and have breakfast at hotel.  Played on the water toys for most of the mid-day activities.  Headed back to hotel to avoid small storm and have dinner.  Went back out on the water around 6:30 up to good hope. Beautiful weather after the storm but didn’t see any surface activity. Ended up back in Bullfrog bay with anchovies until 11:00pm with just a little action.

Saturday everyone slept in so no fishing in the morning.  Wind came up in afternoon and blew until 8:00pm. Came home Sunday morning. 

I am guessing of course— but think the full moon may have something to do with it and the wind makes it tough.  Still the best place to be fishing or not!!  Love all of the posts and your reports. Keep up the great work Wayne. Thx!!!