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Home Anglers Corner May 30, 2018 - GHB to Rincon

May 30, 2018 - GHB to Rincon

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We spent some time every day looking for stripers, and then if no results we went for bass. Bass did seem to be better after 10am. We mostly concentrated on the bass bite while we were there. Tried from GHB to Rincon. Best action for us was Iceberg/Rincon area. Ned rigs, green grub with chartreuse tail and green with white senko were best baits for us. Did not go further South than Rincon. The water gets pretty muddy a ways past the restroom in GHB. I thought it was too muddy and turned around. Fished areas around Warm springs canyon with fair/good results. We caught bigger smallies North near GHB but more better numbers of smb and many more lmb midlake area. We had better luck in the main lake than in the canyons. Bass fishing was excellent.

 I had very little luck on stripers. Tried trolling various areas from GHB to Iceberg for an hour or two most every day and we got only one striper in Forgotten and a walleye in Bullfrog and that's it.... Tried anchovies in about 5-6 spots including two spots near Moki with no results. I believe I was seeing them on the finder, along with huge bait balls, but no takers. I wish I could have found the spot that Chum did. (see striper slurp report) We did see some stripers chasing our caught bass to the boat on our last day in Halls bay. (I had never seen this before, but I am almost 100% sure they were stripers) I tried throwing various lures around that area with no results. If I would have had anchovies that day, maybe that may have worked, but I had given up on carrying those stinky things in the boat by then.

 We did target walleye one breezy day in the back of Bullfrog and caught a few on crawler/spinner rigs with b-bouncers. We were fishing mid-day though. Probably better at dawn or dusk. Did not really target walleye, but we caught none this trip while casting for bass. (We caught 1-2 every day last trip in April while doing this.)

 All in all another great trip, but wish we could have found some stripers.

Thanks to all that answered my questions last week before we left.