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Home Anglers Corner April 26, 2018 - Southern Stripers and Bass

April 26, 2018 - Southern Stripers and Bass

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We fished Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. We didn’t have the most success ever but this is also the first time we have fished Powell this early in the season. Our normal routine is to look for stripers in the morning and if that doesn’t work we go looking for SMB. This time we didn’t spend very much time looking for stripers, so we went straight for SMBs around Gregory and West. The catches were non-existent as the water temps only reached 59-60 during the middle of the day. My dad started catching SMB off of slick-rock slopes once temps got to 62 in the afternoon. We moved around the mouth of West and just up lake to the next big point. These spots usually produced for us, but the structure is slightly different now that the water has dropped below the levels we are used to for these areas. We used 4” single-tail drop-shots and simple grubs in baby bass, orange/pumpkin, and white. Most of the fish caught looked like they were full of eggs, so we put them back and only kept the ones that looked like they could be males. Monday we headed for the Padre East Wall hoping for stripers. Once we got there we noticed surface-feeding stripers and carp cruising around. We graphed a big school but could not relocate it again. My dad took stripers on the spoon, but we kept spooking the fish, so we moved on. We headed for the back of Last chance where we again graphed stripers and caught using spoons. There were others trolling points on the left side of the back cove who caught crappies and SMB. We did not have much success so we returned to the mouth of West, and visited Dungeon and Wetherill catching more SMB in the 65F water on slick-rock using the same grubs as the day before. Tuesday we did not have much time as we had to return to PHX. Regardless, we started for the back of Last Chance hoping for more stripers. This day was a very slow day for us. The water temp was 67F in some spots, but the fishing did not improve with the increased temps. We were hoping for much hotter fishing, but days like these make you appreciate the unreal 50 and 100-fish days that come during later parts of the year that much more. We will be back in May with improved methods and increased patience. Thank you to you and everyone on the message board for the info and good reads.  








Rex with SMB by West