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Invasive Mussel Prevention Requirements on Lake Powellquaga-mussle

 Quagga Mussels were discovered in Lake Powell in 2013. Lake Powell boaters are required to Clean and Drain boats before leaving the ramp.  Boats must be dried for 7 days in summer, 18 days in fall,  30 days in winter before launching in any other water. If drying time cannot be met then the boat must be  decontaminated before launching in any other water.  

Ramps are now open 24/7

Beware of ANCHORS and ropes - They are the most likely means of unkowningly transporting mussels from Lake Powell to another lake.



Boaters are encouraged to continue to help stop the spread of invasive mussels by making sure their vessels and boating equipment are cleaned, drained, and completely dry before moving to a new body of water, make sure that any boats being moved from infested waters to non-infested waters are properly decontaminated prior to launching.

ALL Boats must have DRY live wells and bilge. Any water in live well or bilge triggers a mandatory decontamination.  Make sure live wells and bilge are dry!


Wahweap:  Aramark Boat repair near Stateline Ramp

Call 928 645 1071  for a hot water wash.

Antelope Point:

-Dry Storage area

-Contact: 928-645-5900 x5028 or cell 928-660-2663

Entrance booth operator will provide directions to the decontamination site.

If no one is available call 928-608-6301 to explain your predicament to NPS Dispatch.