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Hite Launch Area -Primitive Access 2013

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12/7/2016 - Water level 3605 - Launching at Hite is not Possible


Updated 8/1/2012 - Lake Elevation 3628hiteo7-16-2011



Launch at old Marina site.


Pictures and information here are dated but still usable. The key point is Lake Elevation.  If elevation is above 3611 then it is likely that a launch at some location along the shoreline is possible. If less than 3611 then go to Bullfrog or Halls and run uplake.

From 3613 to 3616, launch at the old marina site which is the road that is furthest south. The other roads are too shallow for launching at this elevation. You should be able to find a constant depth of about 5 feet while moving toward the river channel. Take great care around the old tire breakwater.  The tires that are submerged are lurking right under the surface.  After passing the tires the journey to the channel should be fine. Bear to the left toward the cliff wall when exiting the marina area. Use the trolling motor in shallow water for best results. Always look for new silt deposits, trees, etc. I get to Hite about twice per year so much of this information is gleaned from reports and limited actual experience.  Beware when launching. The site is primitive and you are responsible for your own safety.


Elelvation 3616- 3640 - The second ramp to the south now has a good slope and elevation at this lake level. NPS is good about putting a  courtesy dock at the site of the most usable ramp during changing water elevation. Ask those that have just launched for advice and always visually check the ramp before proceeding.

Above 3640 and above use the main Hite concrete ramp.

Launch at Hite during March and early April; but in late April and May the runoff starts, water is cold and driftwood becomes a problem and worse the fishing is not as good. . .


CAUTION: Runoff from the Colorado River occurs in May and June bringing high water, current and debris. Exercise caution before launching at Hite during this period. 



Upon arriving at Hite the cement launch ramp will be out of water. The slope of the road beyond the concrete ramp is too shallow to provide launching until lake level exceeds 3640. At lower elevations launching is possiible by following the road, seen at the top of the picture, south to the old marina site.



Cemenet ramp is dry. Follow road at top of picture to other launch sites.


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