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Welcome to Lake Powell Fishing Information




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Contact me at:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   my other old email addresses are no longer working.  

Welcome to Lake Powell. My purpose is to provide needed information that will make it easier for you to plan a trip to the lake.  Many come for the beauty and solitude of the area, others for fishing or water recreation. Whatever your reason, I hope this site helps make your visit more enjoyable.

I manage Lake Powell Fisheries. I have discovered that offering specific fishing information allows anglers to harvest more striped bass thereby improving population balance and fishing success for all species.

Lake Powell has incredible beauty and is the jewel of the Colorado River.  Find your way by working through the menu on the left to discover many pictures and much information about these wild and scenic places.  You can ask questions on the Message Board and receive answers from many lake regular users.  You can provide reports on your visit and help others discover the wonders that you found.

The shoreline stretches over 1800 miles.  It can't be seen in one trip. We are here to help.

This site has been in operation since 2000.  The format here is way out of date. We are migrating all of the new data to our new site https://www.wayneswords.net   Please look there for current information. The plan now is to discontinue this site at the end of 2018.  All new data and important old data will be migrated to the new site.  Make sure to look there and sign in on WW.net each time you log in.  

Look at the new fishing license rules in the left index. AZ no longer offers a stamp to fish across the state line. Only a UT fishing license is needed to fish in Lake Powell.





Mussel Prevention Requirements

Invasive Mussel Prevention Requirements on Lake Powellquaga-mussle

 Quagga Mussels were discovered in Lake Powell in 2013. Lake Powell boaters are required to Clean and Drain boats before leaving the ramp.  Boats must be dried for 7 days in summer, 18 days in fall,  30 days in winter before launching in any other water. If drying time cannot be met then the boat must be  decontaminated before launching in any other water.  

Ramps are now open 24/7

Beware of ANCHORS and ropes - They are the most likely means of unkowningly transporting mussels from Lake Powell to another lake.